Top 5 Buyers and Companies of Structured Settlements

A legal agreement also referred to as a settlement is an agreement whereby parties in a lawsuit consent to determine case for something and in most cases money. When settlement money is paid periodically for an agreed time rather than a single total sum, it is known as a structured settlement. These payments act as compensation for suffered injuries during an accident.

Structured settlement usually happens as a consequence of personal injury lawsuits and the individual who gets the settlement can move payment rights to a corporation that purchases structured settlements and be given an abridged lump sum. In other cases, a beneficial acknowledges lump sum payments as of advantage than partial payments.

It is prudent to cautiously look for a settlement funding company that you can trust to handle your settlement transaction professionally and honestly. Your structured settlement buyer should discuss the appropriate options; costs involved and finally give you a quote.

what is a structured settlement

Here is a list of top 5 buyers and companies of Structured Settlements. They are:

  1. DRB Capital
    DRB Capital, situated in Florida, Delray Beach is a settlement structured company. This company is popularly known for its highest payout at the lowest rate among other companies reviewed. This is according to reviewers and users who acknowledged more money with lower fees than bids from other buying companies. In this case, it is evident that you will receive more money; DRB puts its clients first which is undeniably attractive. Because of this, DRB Capital services remain at the top
  2. J.G. Wentworth
    J.G. Wentworth is among the largest structured settlement company and buyers. It grants some financial services which include individual loans, mortgages and prepaid cards. With your annuity from a legal settlement or accident, this settlement buyer can buy part of your settlement, and the best thing about J.G. Wentworth is; it is possible to leverage your settlement in various ways while preserving potential monthly payments and getting short-term capital. Additionally, you can vend the whole settlement to this buyer. Note that you will sell your settlement at a discount. Therefore, you will not receive the total amount, and a judge must approve every sale made depending on your residence. Additionally, you may need to confer with a financial counselor. It takes up to 90 days to receive payment.
  3. Fairfield Funding
    Based in Atlanta, Fairfield Funding buys structured settlements payments. The company also buys lottery awards. For example, if you won a lottery and your payout installment is made monthly, you can sell it for one payout. This can only happen depending on the condition the lottery was won, which will rule out the eligibility to sell your lottery payment. Fairfield Funding Company strives to ensure that its rate matches the rates offered by alternative structured settlement buyers to purchase your annuity.
  4. Peachtree Financial Solutions
    Peachtree Financial Company based in Pennsylvania buys annuities that are acquired for retirement or annuity obtained from inheritance or correlated insurance issues. The advantage of selling an annuity to Peachtree is that you will not need to pass through a court procedure of structured settlement which usually is demanding and requires more time. It is possible to sell in at least three days dependent on a person and circumstances, but it usually takes up to 60 days. Importantly, Peachtree Solutions do not purchase pensions and additional employer-sponsored plans.
  5. Strategic Capital
    With Strategic Capital, it usually takes months to collect payouts for your sold structured settlements. Strategic Capital is one of those companies that hasten their payment process. The company has streamlined its course, and they deliver payments within 18 days. However, this is dependent on where you live and specific information of the initial settlement.

Commendably, besides, Strategic Capital is transparent about its sales procedure, and the first one is discussing your situation and needs of the cash-out with a counselor. This structured settlement buyer also encourages individuals to check any contract with a lawyer, and once you approve the agreement of selling the annuity, Strategic Capital takes it to its lawyer to apply for the modification in the payment or sale of the whole structured annuity. After paperwork approval, it can take only three days to receive the cash.

For one to know and pick the appropriate buyers and companies of structured settlements, several paramount factors must be looked into which include mergers and current purchases.


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